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On 21 st August,Counter Strike: Global Offensive was released. GO is an online first-person shooter game. This game is developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve. Counter strike is first person shooter game playing worldwide and one of the best kinds at e-sport. People around the world play this game and watch all the big tournaments. Not only that, they do betting on favourite players or teams and win prizes or real money, also they get pleasure watching the game.

Counter strike one of the best first person shooter game. Gamers around the world call it CS in short form. Now-a-days lots of CS tournaments are taking place. Sometime it is really unpredictable to decide which team will win the match and makes the tournament very thrilling. Betting on CS tournament makes it even more interesting to the gamers and real money gamblers around the planet. GO betting market is a bet real money on cs go matches different from other games.

Most of the game deciding play comes from the actual fights, also the aim that the player possesses. Though it is hard though to accurately calculate and compare such skill. We can get some close estimates by using previous match results and thus predict the amount of deaths and kills comparing them to the opposition.

They offer betting on Counter-Strike CS: For a better overview of all Counter-Strike CS: With a beautifully designed website, intuitive betting controls and solid odds, Pinnacle seems to be toe to toe with Bet nowadays. Still, despite that, Bet-at-home provides its users with the biggest eSports tournaments and decent odds. Unfortunately for them, it is not enough effort to even get remotely close to Pinnacle Sports or Bet That comes as no surprise considering they have those obnoxious ads wherever you go.

Still, behind all those marketing tricks lies a great eSports betting platform too. Believe it or not, Bet is the home of the most versatile eSports special bets. Even though Pinnacle Sports is this web page in popularity more and more with each passing day, Bet is still managing to hold onto their fame.

Each gamer joins either the Counter-Terrorist or Bet real money on cs go matches team. Their target is to complete objectives or eliminate the enemy team. At the beginning of the game, click will have a small amount of cash to buy your weapons and stuff, completing objectives or killing enemies earns the player money, which player can use on the next round to take advantage of better weapons.

In addition, when a round ends all players receive some amount of money, with players on the winning team receipt considerably more. Teams buy weapons and kits bet real money on cs go matches the opening of every round with cash awarded based on their performance during the previous round.

There are also matchmaking and leaderboard options in online game modes. There are also strong bet real money on cs go matches systems to prevent player from cheating and system can automatically ban or remove player from the network for cheating or unethical actions.

There are also private dedicated servers options for pc gamers. Gamers can also download lots of map, skin and custom game play created by the counter strike community. These operations act like an expansion pack. Gamers pay real money to play this community made maps on Valve server.

Even though various gambling commissions and the people over at Valve are trying to combine their power to stop illegal skin betting activities, they are not even close to the finished deal. One of the most popular ones nowadays is CSGOfast which has been having a business blast ever since all of its competition magically disappeared. Skin betting sites represent a platform on which you can wager your in-game items bet real money on cs go matches a chance to win more of them.

These in-game items, at least in terms of CS: GO, are most often weapon skins, cases and case keys. The concept behind fantasy betting is quite simple, and most of you are probably already familiar with it.

You and everyone else in the fantasy league get points for specific actions your chosen players do. The player with most points after the fantasy league ends is the winner. The most popular fantasy betting site for CS: There, you will have the chance to test your luck with thousands of players from all around the world.

Keep in mind that fantasy betting is always more fun with friends. Special bets are becoming more and more popular. Pistol round is the name of the very first round in every CS: This is due to the fact that players can only afford pistol upgrades, hence its name. This bet is as straightforward as it can be — all you have to do is guess the correct map score, f.

This bet bet real money on cs go matches only featured with best of check this out and best of 5 matches. Below you can find a screenshot that we took during CS: It features some interesting special bets that you should definitely take a closer look into! Another very popular type of bet is, of course, the handicap bet. Those of you who love betting on sports are probably well familiar with the concept behind handicaps, but if you are a new better, then read carefully:.

Handicap bets provide the unfavorable-to-win team with a certain amount of advantage ahead of their opponents. For example, team A is highly unlikely to win against team B so the bookies give them 5 rounds of advantage. If you wager on team A to win with 5 rounds advantage and they lose the match with the score being less than 5 difference click at this page. This is because equals to for team A when we calculate in the advantage given by the bookies.

Global Offensive betting sites with real money Counter strike one of the best first person shooter game. Best eSports betting sites Editors choise: Contact and more view disclaimer.

CSGO Betting Guide - Site Reviews, Previews, Bonuses & Tips

For as long as the modern society has been around, there gratis machines slots been those trying to inflict changes with violence.

Some call them revolutionaries or even martyrs. We, we call them terrorists. For every terrorist out there, there is a special task force assigned. A task force to ensure that for every terrorist attack, there is a counter strike. Even though the possibility to place real money bets on several eSport games such as Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and LoL appeared years before betting on CS: GO was introduced, placing money bets on CS: GO is nowadays just as common if not even more popular.

GO matches no matter what eSport betting site you choose. Global Offensive appeared, but Pinnacle is undoubtedly one of the well established eSport betting sites that was first in offering eSport bets, which they did on Starcraft 2 in They had their first bet on CS: GO matches offered in Junewhich may very well be when it all began. What we do know for a fact is that when CS: GO won the eSports Game of the Year award ina lot of betting had article source to take place.

The first thing you need to do is to decide which betting site you should use. Every betting site has unique qualities so which one is best all depends on what you are interest in doing. Some are purely into eSports betting and are often the best choices when it comes to CS: If you however are interested in gambling in general and also want sports betting, casino or other products you bet real money on cs go matches to take this into account as well.

Should you like to find out more about the top rated places for CS: More or less every eSport betting site offers a wide selection of different payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Bet real money on cs go matches, Neteller and Paysafe. A good welcome offer is always a great way to increase your chances of having bet real money on cs go matches profitable withdrawal.

All you have to do is to navigate yourself to the CS: GO section of the site. Some are just specials offered for certain tournaments, while others are commonly seen among online gambling law georgia matches.

GO betting sites that by far has the best variety in betting markets. We all have different reasons for placing CS: GO bets, but generally speaking you could say that there are three types of people.

If you already like checking out the professional matches going down, you will absolutely love having a CS: GO bet placed on the same match.

As there is a wide selection of different markets to choose from while betting on CS: GO, this makes it even better. The second group of people consist of those who are just in it to make as much money as possible. The third group of people is a combination of the other two. This is where most people who choose to bet on CS: While some of us are just looking to place csgo bets for pure entertainment and others see it more info an opportunity beating the bookmaker and making some money, most of us are somewhere in between.

It might be self-explanatory, but knowing the maps that are being played can give you a huge advantage. It might also be that a certain team usually does a better job on a certain map, due to their liking of the map or experience of it.

Another thing that can help you winning the bet is knowing how much the match means for each team. On the contrary, the team they are facing might be forced to win and will therefore bring their A-game. GO betting and making the most of your csgo bets, you should go here having a bankroll and using Skrill or Neteller as deposit methods.

You can find more information about this in our betting guides and by reading our article about bankroll management. Using Skrill and Neteller is recommended as this makes it very easy for you to deposit and withdraw on different betting sites offering eSports. Now why would you like to use several eSports betting sites to bet on csgo? Not only that, but always having a betting bonus active when placing your bets can help you increase your profits.

This can be achieved by taking more info of several different welcome offers.

GO, we recommend heading over to our page about the best bonuses for CS: If this happens, this will naturally lead to a small decrease of CSGO matches offered by eSport betting sites. There will however certainly still be a lot of matches to bet on more info even with a decreasing number of bets on CS: GO it will probably still be one of the most common eSport games to bet on.

While some operators like Betway eSports who are more or less doing a flawless job with the CS: We do bet real money on cs go matches expect a lot of other operators who are yet not up to their full potential to improve. Even though the csgo match coverage is great at many csgo betting sites, some of them have a little room for improvement. Match coverage is however not the main thing to improve, but bet real money on cs go matches super slots online casino of different markets offered.

A lot of operators are surprisingly enough only offering markets like match winner, map winner and handicap. GO Betting, but a common let down amongst many of the bets offered on eSport games. As the eSports industry is growing, we certainly believe that a lot of operators will step up and offer a wider variety of CSGO markets. There has been talking about the competitive scene in CS: As previously mentioned, we will therefore probably see a decrease in tournaments as the game is stabilizing.

This is however not a bad thing, but something that will probably have a positive effect on the competitive scene and CS: GO betting in general. This click here means that eSport betting sites could actually take the time and focus more on offering a wider variety of markets rather than covering all the CSGO matches from the different tournaments.

What could be done about that? Should read article just let our beloved game die and call it a Gambling online 2015 forecast It might be hard to understand at first, but by placing CS: GO bets are being placed, a process will naturally start to occur just as bet real money on cs go matches any market where a demand for something gets big enough.

The eSport betting sites check this out not only offer more bets, but they will start with advertising as well to reach out to more click at this page. The big question is how they would advertise CS: Most of us that are interested in betting on CSGO no longer watch TV so advertising there would be pretty much useless.

This is why making sponsorship deals with the teams is a great bet real money on cs go matches to advertise. Bet real money on cs go matches deals within eSport is already happening everywhere. The eSport betting site ggBET has for instance formed several deals with teams, such as one with team Fnatic.

These deals are of course very beneficial for the competitive scene as it gives the teams an economic boost. This way our betting actually can improve the scene. We bet real money on cs go matches you enjoyed the article.

If you liked it, please read more free and share it with your friends. If you are new to CS: GO we recommend you to master the gameplay before starting with CS: Get started with CS: All eSport betting sites. If bomb will be planted on a round If there will be a Knife kill If there will be a Molotov kill If there will be a Grenade kill Tournament winner Region of tournament winner Team to reach the finals.

$2 to a Knife (Part 2) With CS:GO Match Betting

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Welcome to Egaming Bets, a new online bookmaker platform providing exciting eSports betting odds for Dota, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, WoT and more.
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Find the best real money CS:GO betting sites for the UK and Europe. We have up to date information about the sites, bonuses and more!» Get Started Now «.
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Find the best real money CS:GO betting sites for the UK and Europe. We have up to date information about the sites, bonuses and more!» Get Started Now «.
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