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What is a dual isotope or nuclear stress test and what does it show? A dual isotope or nuclear stress test is a diagnostic nuclear imaging study that uses radioactive tracers, called Cardiolite or Myoview, to produce images of the heart muscle.

When combined with stress, either through exercise or use of a pharmacological agent, the dual isotope scan helps determine if the heart muscle is getting the blood supply it needs. If you are unable to exercise, your doctor may order a pharmacologic stress test, with world largest casinos, to simulate exercise and obtain the same information as an exercise stress test.

As coronary artery disease CAD progresses, the heart muscle may not receive enough blood when under stress for example, when exercising. This often results in chest pain called angina pectoris. On the other hand, there may be no outward physical signs of the disease.

If CAD is limiting blood flow to part of your heart, the dual isotope stress test may be useful in detecting the presence and significance of CAD. Cardiolite or Myoview are the two radioactive isotopes injected through a small IV usually inserted in the arm or wrist.

They travel in the bloodstream through the coronary arteries until they are picked up by the heart muscle cells. The areas of the heart that have an adequate blood supply pick up the tracer right away and more europa casino online chat. Areas that do not have adequate this web page supply pick up the tracer very slowly or not at all.

Europa casino online chat radioactive isotopes give off a small amount of radiation that is detected with a nuclear scanning camera. A computer processes the information and produces the images of the isotopes distributed in the heart. This allows the doctor to compare the amount of blood flowing through the heart muscle during stress and at rest. The amount of radiation you will be exposed to is comparable to that from an x-ray or computed europa casino online chat CT scan.

The half-life of Cardiolite or Myoview is approximately 6 hours. This means that half of the dose you are given will decay in 6 hours. Most patients experience no side effects. When you enter the stress testing room, the technician will have you sign consent form and will make sure you understand the test.

A small IV will be started in a vein in your arm. Twelve electrode patches will be placed on your chest and torso. If you have hair on your chest, small europa casino online chat may need to be shaved for the electrodes to adhere properly. The nuclear medicine tech will put Metzger, what is an online gambling affiliate und first injection of isotope through the IV.

You will wait in the waiting room for at europa casino online chat 15 minutes to let the isotope circulate to your heart. Once your waiting period is over, the nuclear medicine tech will put you under the camera for about minutes. You will sit upright in a special chair as the camera moves around you acquiring multiple images. It is important for you to remain europa casino online chat still while the images are being taken. Following the completion of this first scan, you will be escorted to a stress testing room.

Wires will be attached to the electrodes in order to monitor your heart rate and EKG. A resting EKG and blood pressure are recorded then your test will begin.

There are two types of Dual Isotope Stress Tests that we offer: Exercise dual isotope Adenosine dual isotope What is europa casino online chat dual isotope or europa casino online chat stress test and what does it show? What does dual isotope mean? A dual isotope stress test consists of two parts, rest and stress: Myoview or Cardiolite will be administered by europa casino online chat through your IV while you are at rest, and a special camera will take pictures of your heart.

A second dose will be administered to you one other time by an IV injection during the stress portion of the test, and additional pictures will be taken of your heart. How do I prepare for the test? Do not eat or europa casino online chat for four hours prior to the test, and consume no caffeine for 24 hours prior to the test. The pictures of your heart are clearer when the stomach is not full. Avoid any strenuous physical activity on the day of the test because you will need to exert yourself maximally if you are europa casino online chat an exercise test.

You will have periods of waiting throughout the test so bring a book, newspaper, knitting or something to source you busy. No smoking four hours prior to the test. Smoking may interfere with the test results. Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit and comfortable shoes.

A hospital gown can be provided and men may be asked to take off their shirt. Slacks or shorts are preferred if you are exercising. You should wear comfortable footwear appropriate for brisk exercise if you are doing an exercise test. Do not wear oils or lotions before your test. Small sticky patches electrodes will need to stick to your chest. Your physician may also ask you to stop taking some of your heart medications on the day of your test. If you have any questions about your medications, ask your physician.

Do not discontinue any medication without first talking to our office. What happens during europa casino online chat test?

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