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The document that in general prescribes the norms of functioning of the Danish Gambling market is the Danish Gambling Act. The only exception from the regulatory force of this document are the poker tournaments which are subject to the Act on public poker online gambling in denmark. A privileged position on the gambling market in the country belongs to the state-owned company called Danske Online gambling in denmark, which has been in operation since Although Danske Spil still retains a monopoly on lotteries, as well as horse, dog and pigeon racing, every other link of gambling is open to competing operators.

Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling entertainment, with approximately 3, slot arcades and 26, machines out there. Online Gambling in Denmark January 1st was a watershed moment for the Danish online gambling scene. This was the date when new legislation entered into force, liberalizing much of the market. Though Danske Spil retained its monopoly over lotteries, number games and animal race betting, iGaming operators online gambling in denmark apply for licenses in sports bettingas well as online poker and casino games.

The Danish Gambling Authority SKAT licensed 25 operators in the first year of the new law being in effect, including leading international actors, such asContinue reading and Ladbrokes. At the same time the government is adamant on preventing unlicensed foreign gambling sites from soliciting Danish customers.

As a result they have blacklisted 57 sites in Sites that accept players from Denmark. Best Danish Gambling Site Bet Exclusive for our players! Strike It Lucky Casino. Win A Day Casino. Bingo Spirit Bingo Sky. Desert Nights Casino Mobile.

Online gambling in denmark

Legislative issues, including European regulation, are handled by a department in the Danish Ministry of Taxation. Depending on the circumstances, the online gambling in denmark of gambling in Denmark is also regulated by the Danish regulation on marketing and consumer protection, which is the responsibility of the Danish Consumer Ombudsman, and by the Danish regulation on payment services, which is the responsibility of the Danish Financial Services Online gambling in denmark. Any game which falls within one of these three categories and the activities pertaining to it will be covered by the Gambling Act.

Subsequently, if a skill game, fantasy game, e-sport game or a social game falls within one of these three categories, they will also be covered by the Gambling Act. The provision of gambling in Denmark can also be subject online gambling in denmark the general rules on marketing in the Danish Marketing Practices Act, which supplements the marketing provisions in the Gambling Act.

Furthermore, financial regulation is relevant in relation to the supply of payment services, e-money, etc. If a game, which is subject to the payment of a stake to participate and which falls within one of the three categories mentioned above, is to be offered to the Danish market, a licence from the DGA is required. However, the Danish gambling market is only partly liberalised, and thus the provision of lotteries and the provision of betting on races with dogs, carrier pigeons and horses, are kept under a monopoly.

The provision hereof is reserved for the Danish state-owned entity Danske Spil. Subsequently, it is not possible for anyone else to obtain a licence to provide these games. A licence online gambling in denmark provide and organise the games which have been liberalised may be granted to persons and legal entities companies, etc.

Details are yet to be published at the time of writing October If not, they must appoint a representative, who lives or has its place of business in Denmark. There are no limits on the number of licences to provide online gambling or on click the following article gaming machines in arcades or restaurants. However, for land-based casino licences, the DGA has issued a statement saying that it is currently not possible to apply for such licences.

Are personal and premises licences needed? Do key suppliers need authorisation? Only the entity responsible for the provision of gambling is required to hold a gambling licence. Subsequently, key suppliers, including platform providers, do not need to obtain a gambling licence. It is possible to use sub-contractors and white online gambling in denmark to a wide extent. However, some parts of the provision of gambling cannot be outsourced. These include the responsibility, risk and managerial prerogative relating to the operation of games and the ownership of player data, including registration of players.

Even though a Danish licence holder outsources parts of its operations to sub-contractors, it is still the licence holder who is responsible towards the DGA. Land-based gambling is subject online casino blackjack strategy calculator requirements for the persons working with the gambling provider without this being a personal licence or permission.

When a licence to provide gambling to the Danish market is issued, specific conditions are set forth in the licence. These usually relate to technical requirements and the money back if 0 covered by the licence. Subsequently, a visit web page to provide gambling will only cover the games which have been applied for, and if the licence holder wishes to supply new games, approval from the DGA will have to be obtained.

Furthermore, the Gambling Act imposes a general requirement that the licence holder must be able to provide gambling in online gambling in denmark sound financial and professional manner, and although online gambling in denmark licence has been granted, the DGA will continue to monitor the licence holder to see if the requirement is fulfilled.

In general, Danish gambling licences can be divided into two main categories: There are two different types of online gambling in denmark gambling licences available in Denmark: The betting licence also covers the provision of land-based betting. The application fee is DKKapproximately EUR 35, for a betting online gambling in denmark or an online casino licence level ; however, if the party applies for both a betting and an online casino licence, the combined fee is DKKapproximately EUR 49, level.

Online gambling operators have to pay an annual fee for holding the licence. The fee is based on their gross gambling revenue. Additionally, the licence holders have to pay a monthly gambling duty based on their gross gambling revenue; see question 2. Any person wishing to provide online gambling to the Danish market must i be at least 21 years old, ii not have a legal guardian, iii not be subject to insolvency proceedings, iv not have been convicted of criminal offences, which render it probable that the person will abuse the casino games for windows to gambling, and v not online gambling in denmark play free slot machines online due debt to public authorities.

Furthermore, the members of the board and the directors must meet the requirements for physical persons mentioned above. When appointing a representative, the representative must be approved by the DGA and in order to online gambling in denmark this approval, the representative must meet requirements similar to the ones being imposed on physical persons mentioned above.

If these minimum requirements are met, the applicant must further prove that it will be able to provide online gambling in a sound financial and online gambling in denmark manner. The assessment is made by the DGA based on a large number of financial and technical documents, which the applicant is required to submit. The DGA may either choose to grant a full licence, grant a conditional licence or reject the application.

An applicant failing to submit sufficient documentation or failing to live up to the requirements set forth by the DGA will normally be given a chance to take remedial action by providing the missing information online gambling in denmark the application is rejected. The DGA will consider the overall picture, and if they find that the necessary requirements are met, they will issue a licence. As a main rule, there is no refund of the application fee, which will be forfeited if the application is rejected.

If the applicant applies again, a new fee must be paid. As for land-based gambling, there are two main types of land-based licences available in Denmark: The process when applying for a land-based casino licence and a licence to set up gaming machines online gambling in denmark similar to the one described above and supplemented by the Executive Orders on land-based casino and gaming ntwas mobile gambling market your online gambling in denmark arcades and restaurants.

Accordingly, there are, e. Currently, there are seven land-based casino licences, and the DGA has issued a statement saying that it is currently not possible to apply for a land-based casino licence. Applying for a licence to set up gaming machines is subject to a fee of DKK approximately EUR 81 per gaming machine. From the handing in of an application to the DGA, the issuing of a licence will normally take between three to six months.

The different online gambling in denmark are issued for different periods of time: The land-based casino licence is issued for a period of up to 10 years, while the limited land-based gaming online gambling in denmark licence is issued on an individual basis and may be granted for an unlimited period of time.

The DGA monitors the gambling market and can at any time open a procedure for revocation of a licence if it finds that the licence holder no longer can supply games in a sound financial and professional manner. Such a procedure has to our knowledge not yet been opened.

The decision made by the National Tax Tribunal must be brought before the Danish courts within three months of the decision. Otherwise, the decision from the National Tax Tribunal will be final. Please include in this answer the material promotion and advertising restrictions.

The right online gambling in denmark provide lotteries and online betting on horses and dogs racing as well as races with carrier pigeons is, as mentioned above, the exclusive right of Danske Spil. Only players above the age of 18 are online gambling in denmark to participate in the online games that have been liberalised.

Further, before participating in online gambling, the player must also be registered with the gambling provider. The registration process involves providing the online gambling provider with extensive information, including personal information. When marketing a bonus offer, all conditions must be disclosed in a clear and unambiguous manner within the immediate context of the bonus offer. Betting on horse, dog or carrier pigeon racing, as well as the outcome of lotteries or other randomly generated events, except for land-based betting on the online gambling in denmark of electronically simulated sporting events, is online gambling in denmark allowed.

Land-based licences have specific requirements regarding opening hours, etc. Land-based providers must give full online gambling in denmark to the public except for persons under the age of 18regardless of nationality.

The calculation of the duty varies depending on the type of game. Online gambling in denmark an overview, see the below schedule. Prizes in connection with free games i.

A negative Online gambling in denmark in one duty period cannot be carried forward for set-off against the positive GGR in the subsequent periods.

Marketing costs that are not actual winnings for the players e. In addition to source duties, a licensed online gambling operator must also pay an annual fee for the licence. The annual fee is due one month after the effective date of the licence and casinoclub casino on an annual basis.

The purpose of the Gambling Act is i to maintain the consumption of gambling services at a moderate level, ii to protect young people and other vulnerable people from being exploited through gambling or developing a gambling addiction, iii to protect players by ensuring that gambling is provided in a fair, responsible and transparent manner, and iv to ensure public order and to prevent gambling as a means to support crime.

This results in several obligations being imposed on the Danish licence holders and especially on the holders of a Danish licence to provide online gambling. Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? Danish licence holders may only receive payments into a gambling account from a payment services provider that provides these services online gambling in denmark in Denmark pursuant to the Danish Payment Services and Electronic Money Act.

According to this Act, payment services may only be provided in Denmark by certain types of providers which have been granted authorisation in Denmark, in online gambling in denmark European Union or in a country with which the European Union has entered into an agreement for the financial area. If the service provider does not hold a Danish authorisation, it cannot begin its operation in Denmark before it has obtained a cross-border authorisation, cf. There are also specific AML requirements for the online gambling providers, including online gambling in denmark obligation to inform the Online gambling in denmark State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime of any suspicious transactions.

Online gambling is defined as gambling activities between a player and a gambling provider through the use of remote communication. It is prohibited to offer online lotteries, including bingo, as well as betting on horse or dog racing and betting on carrier pigeons. As mentioned above, these activities are reserved exclusively for the state-owned company Danske Spil. However, at the time of writing Octoberthe payment services providers do not have the technical measures needed. It is a requirement under the Danish regulation that the website and all communication with the players is available in Danish and the gambling duty is calculated and payable in Danish Kroner.

However, the website can also be available in other languages and use other currencies. It is possible to obtain a licence to set up and operate gaming machines in i restaurants with a licence to serve alcoholic beverages maximum three gaming machinesand ii gaming machine arcades premises without a licence to serve alcoholic beverages, but where the place is staffed during business hours.

The gaming online gambling in denmark must be separate and identifiable units. Furthermore, they must be approved by an accredited testing institute and connected to a central monitoring system at the DGA. This approval is generally valid for five years. The gaming machines must be online gambling in denmark in a way that only coins or vouchers that can be exchanged for money can be used for payment of the game.

However, the DGA can accept other forms of payment. Accordingly, online gambling in denmark type of machine which can be approved by the testing institute will be permitted. It is the entity which provides gambling to the Danish market which will be held liable for breaches of the Danish gambling legislation.

The customer will not be held liable. Anyone assisting the gambling provider can in theory be considered complicit and thus also be held liable. This includes making premises available for unlicensed gambling. Furthermore, the provision or organisation of gambling activities in Denmark without a licence under the Gambling Act is illegal, and anyone promoting such activities can also be held liable. The Danish gambling market was changed significantly on 1 January with the partial liberalisation of online gambling.

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