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Portugal online gambling ban

SCML is a legal person of public administrative interest under State Control and subject to the supervision of the social security ministry.

It should be pointed out that among the legislation that impacts upon gambling activity are the acts:. Skill and prize competitions and draws are subject to the supervision of the internal affairs ministry who establishes for each case the conditions deemed to be suitable, as well as the respective regime.

A public or private entity may be a competitor in a public tender regarding the award of a concession for the exploitation of bingo in bingo halls outside the casinos. According to the Portuguese law, the applicant for online gambling licences shall also casino gewinn versteuern schweiz portugal online gambling ban, economic and financial capacity.

No licences are, or shall be, issued regarding any of the games entrusted to SCML, since their operation, as portugal online gambling ban in question 1. Are personal and premises licences needed?

Do key suppliers need authorisation? Regarding land-based games of chance, only the concessionaires are authorised to portugal online gambling ban games of chance in casinos and bingo halls.

In terms of online gambling, only the operators are required to hold a gambling licence and are the sole guarantors and responsible towards the SRIJ. Therefore, suppliers or subcontractors, including platform portugal online gambling ban B2Bdo not need to obtain a licence or authorisation.

In land-based casino games, the concessionaire may only operate the games of chance inside the casinos and within the designated geographical gambling area. General conditions, for example the duration of the concession, and specific conditions related to financial obligations and to touristic and cultural development are set forth in the public tender and consequently in the concession agreement of casinos and bingo halls.

In online gambling, all the specific conditions, such as the duration of the licence, the games the operator may offer and the security deposits, are set read article in the licence. Subsequently, a licence to provide gambling will only cover the games which have been applied for, and if the licence holder wishes to portugal online gambling ban new games, prior approval from SRIJ must be obtained.

In terms of land-based games of chance in casinos and bingo halls, the concession is granted by the Portuguese Portugal online gambling ban through a public tender.

The operation and practice of casino games are only allowed in casinos existing in permanent or temporary gaming areas established by decree-law, or out of those casinos, in the special cases previewed in the law for example, aircrafts and ships.

There are actually 10 gaming areas: The operation and practice of bingo outside the casinos may only occur in bingo halls in locations previously defined by the member of the Government responsible for tourism.

Regarding online gambling, there are four different types of gambling licences available in Portugal:. The licence application shall be submitted on the standard form approved by SRIJ duly accompanied by the documents required for the verification of good continue reading and the technical, financial and economic requirements.

The decision of the approval to grant a licence shall be notified to the applicant and, if favourable, the operator shall proceed with the down payment of the licence fees, shall present the safety deposits, and must obtain certification of the technical gambling system and subsequent homologation portugal online gambling ban SRIJ.

Only then will the portugal online gambling ban be issued and portugal online gambling ban licensee may begin the operation. During the term of the licence the operator may request authorisation from SRIJ to operate new types of games of chance, besides those referred to above.

The operation of new types of games requires the previous definition of its rules in a regulation issued by SRIJ. The authorisation for operating new types of games shall be endorsed on the licence, after the proper certification portugal online gambling ban official approval of the gambling click to see more system.

The time limits of the concessions of land-based games of chance varies from 10 bingo halls to 15—20 years casinos. The concession agreements may be rescinded link the State portugal online gambling ban case of non-compliance with the contractual and legal obligation, and may also may be terminated for reasons of public interest, subject to a specific compensation.

Online gambling licences are valid for three years from the date of issue and may be extended for successive periods of three years in case the operator fulfils the legal requirements. The portugal online gambling ban for the pursuit of the activity of operating online gambling expires at the end of its term if not extended and also if the operator is extinguished.

The licence may be revoked by SRIJ at any time if the licensee, in the specific cases foreseen in the law, does not comply with its legal obligations or no longer is able to operate in a sound financial manner.

The licence may be also suspended whenever the occurrence of one of such specific situations is not sufficiently serious to bring about the revocation. Please include in this answer the material promotion and advertising restrictions. Land-based games of chance visit web page and bingo halls must comply with the following restrictions when providing services to customers:.

In online gambling, there are the same restrictions referred to above. Players must also register with the operator providing personal data and a payment account number, and will only be allowed to play after the operator verifies the personal data information.

Inthe advertising of games of chance and online gambling was allowed by law as long as it is conducted in a socially responsible manner, respecting the protection of minors, as well as of other portugal online gambling ban groups at risk.

Such advertising should highlight the entertainment aspect of gambling and not demean non-players, not appeal to aspects relating to obtaining easy winnings, not suggest success, social achievement or special skills as a result of gambling, or encourage excessive gambling practices.

It is expressly prohibited to aim gambling adverts at minors or to use minors in the adverts themselves. Furthermore, gambling adverts must not be placed in schools or other infrastructures intended to be frequented by minors click here within metres in a straight line from schools or other infrastructures this web page to be frequented by minors.

Material promotion is allowed in casinos and bingo halls, but is subject to specific rules and must always be approved by SRIJ prior to being displayed. Land-based casino games are subject to a special gambling tax, known as IEJ, which varies according to the geographical read more area where the casinos are located, and varies between 4. No other general or local tax shall be claimed regarding the exercise of the activity or of any others activities to which the concessionaire companies may be obliged under the terms of the concession contracts and for the period of time these contracts are in force.

Online gambling is subject to a special online gambling tax, known as IEJO, which varies according to slots play money to win following:. Social games are subject to Portugal online gambling ban Duty of 4.

In gambling operations, the integrity, reliability and security of such operations shall be safeguarded, and awareness of the complexity of this activity shall be assured. In addition, the holding of preventive awareness-raising and information activities, the drafting of codes of conduct and the dissemination of good practices shall be fostered.

Concessionaires and online operators shall adopt measures which ensure responsible gambling and provide the players the necessary information, fostering moderate, non-compulsive and responsible attitudes. Before beginning operations, online operators shall also draw up a plan which, among others, includes the following matters:. SRIJ shall foster, in liaison with the competent entities, the holding of studies aimed at identifying addictive behaviour and propose the adoption of preventive and deterrent measures.

Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? In AugustPortugal amended Law No. The law requires the concessionaires and licensees to report not only suspicious transactions, but also any transactions that are above the determined threshold.

In online gambling operations, for instance, only electronic payment methods using the legal tender in Portugal and that allow the transaction to be traceable are acceptable, and, for funding the player account, the operators may only allow payment methods supplied by payment service providers duly authorised by the competent authorities and that allow the person ordering the payment operation to be identified.

For that purpose, SRIJ has issued instructions to casinos as to what behaviour of the participants in games is suspicious and needs to be supervised, and will do the same to online gambling operators once they start its operation. Virtual currencies are not allowed for gambling portugal online gambling ban Portugal. As mentioned above, only payment methods using the legal tender in Portugal are permitted.

With regards to an innovative payment network, there are several issues that need to be addressed before the acceptance of virtual currencies for gambling. Being aware of the fact that virtual currencies are subject to discussion among to the 4 th AML Directive amendment and recognising the evolution, the importance and the efficiency of virtual currencies within the online payment transactions, the Portuguese Gambling Regulatory and Inspection Authority is considering how to integrate this new technology to the formal online portugal online gambling ban methods.

Online gambling has been recently regulated in Portugal, as referenced above, and said regulation covers the portugal online gambling ban of and engagement in games of chance, fixed-odds sport bets casino bonus mutual and fixed-odds horse racing bets, when engaged in remotely, through electronic, IT, telematics and interactive media, or by any other means.

Online gambling is prohibited by law without a valid licence, and the operators may only offer the games authorised and expressly mentioned in the respective licence. If an operator provides games portugal online gambling ban a licence or which are not covered by the portugal online gambling ban, they shall be subject to a criminal offence. The Portuguese Gambling Regulatory Authority issued the first licence in May for fixed-odds sports betting.

Since visit web page, it has issued one more 150 dollar roulette strategy for fixed-odds sports betting and two licences for casino games. Whenever SRIJ detects a website which provides online portugal online gambling ban operated by an entity which is not legally qualified to do so, it shall notify that entity to, within a maximum period of 48 hours, cease the activity and remove the portugal online gambling ban gambling service from the internet, without prejudice to any criminal liability which it may incur.

If the hour period expires without the activity having ceased and the service having been removed from the internet, SRIJ shall notify the intermediary portugal online gambling ban service providers ISPs in order to prevent access to, the availability of, and the use of such an offer.

The website of the operators shall be available in Portuguese and all the transactions shall occur in euros. No other currencies are allowed. The operator may also provide the information existing in the website in other languages to be chosen by the player. The operation and practice of gaming machines are only allowed in casinos, or exceptionally out of the casinos in portugal online gambling ban following cases:. Any person who operates land-based games of chance in places other than those legally authorised shall be subject to a criminal charges.

The same is applicable to those who, by any means and without being duly authorised for the purpose, operate, promote, organise or consent to operating online gambling, or makes it available in Portugal through servers situated in or outside of the national territory.

It is foreseen an administrative offence for those who breach the exclusive rights of portugal online gambling ban the games entrusted to SCML.

SRIJ provides technical support to and cooperate with the police authorities with regard to the portugal online gambling ban and punishment of illegal practices relating to land-based games of chance.

These actions take place regularly and randomly across the country and with a high success rate. SRIJ also develops administrative cooperation mechanisms with the relevant authorities regarding the prevention and punishment of illegal online gambling and practices. As mentioned above in question 3. Portugal is a member of the EU therefore Portugal respects the freedoms of TFEU, namely, in what concerns gambling, those covered by its Articles 49 portugal online gambling ban Notwithstanding, the ECJ admits that some restrictions on gambling may be justified by overriding reasons in the public interest, such as consumer protection and the prevention of both fraud and incitement to squander money on gambling.

The ECJ also admits that the objective of combating criminality linked to gambling is capable of justifying restrictions on fundamental freedoms under those rules. Portugal has drawn up the online gambling legislation according to these principles. According to the Portuguese Civil Code, gambling agreements are void and do not constitute a source of civil obligations; but when lawful, they are a source of natural obligations.

The legislation recently approved for the exploitation of bingo halls also maintained the requirement to provide a bond portugal online gambling ban guarantees the fulfilment of all legal and contractual obligations, including payment of prizes. Portugal intends to amend Decree-Law No.

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