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To nominate someone else as a Quality Contributor, message the mods. More info roulette - what is the origin?

Has it actually been played? Are there testimonials from survivors? One of the first mentions of Russian Roulette in literature was in a novel by Russian poet Lermontov "Hero of Our Time" Full ebook available on Gutenberg Projectscene is in the last chapter of the book.

I did some additional research and found some obscure references in a biography of Russian general Mihail Skobelev russian only, Google Books link hereunsure if it was ever translatedwho lived — and was famous due to his service in one of many Russian-Turkish wars in s. The books mentions that Skobelev was real russian roulette of the risky game his officers played, unofficially approved it as a display of valor and bravery, but was forced to punish it severely due to special order from Emperor Alexander II by involved officers to common soldiers officers were mostly nobility, soldiers here mostly peasants, so this demotion would be quite shameful.

Book fails to reference any sources though, and I also was unable to find any traces of such law real russian roulette order.

But if those facts real russian roulette true, it all fits quite well. Early s during Lermontov time the Roulette appeared among officers on Caucasus note that Lermontov describes the game, but never actually calls it Russian Roulettelate in s it is well known, has its official real russian roulette "the Roulette" and is popular enough to requite special actions from Emperor and generals to stop its spread among officers.

This is interesting, however, I would not call what happened in the book "Russian Roulette". Specifically because what happened involved an older flintlock pistol, real russian roulette than the commonly accepted revolver. The officer took a gamble and it happened to not fire because, as real russian roulette speculate, the flash powder was wet or the pan was obstructed.

This is a bit different from the commonly real russian roulette method of the game, as defined by Merriam-Webster:. I took, as I remember now, an ace of hearts off the table and threw it into the air. All held their breath. With eyes full of terror and a certain vague curiosity they glanced rapidly from real russian roulette pistol to the fateful ace, which slowly descended, quivering in the air.

At the moment it touched the table Vulich pulled the trigger He cocked the pistol again, and took aim at a forage-cap which was hanging above the window. A shot rang out. Smoke filled the room; when it cleared away, the forage-cap was taken down. It had been shot right through the centre, and the bullet was deeply embedded in the wall.

For two or three minutes no one was able to utter a real russian roulette. Discussions arose as to why the pistol had not gone off the first time. Some maintained that probably the pan had been obstructed ; others whispered that the powder had real russian roulette damp the real russian roulette time, and that, afterwards, Vulich had sprinkled some fresh powder on it; but I maintained that the last supposition was wrong, because I had not once taken my eyes off the real russian roulette. It may makes more sense with a revolver, but hardly disqualifies this from being a game of gambling with suicide real russian roulette shooting onesself in the head.

Just because it was later popularized as a game with a revolver does not mean this is not an early instance of it. Russian "Roulette" with a flintlock pistol would be almost certain death.

This is why his compatriots were so amazed he was not dead after putting a loaded weapon to his head and pulling the trigger. They all expected him to read more As always, answers in this sub are expected to be informed and in-depth, real russian roulette than simply expressing what "sounds right".

There are no "rules" of Russian Roulette, because it has always been a rumor, a legend about reckless officers of the Tzar times playing some game with death.

In fact, Pechorin from the above mentioned novel is such a man himself. Vulich is like his mirror image, only less deep and slightly distorted. Holy crap, blast from the past on this one. But I believe it can still fit as the description of something which could be the origin of the real Roulette again, if we take the novel, which was a work of fiction anyway, as a valid source - something which evolved from an inefficient way of suicide into a risky and stupid game.

Being an officer, Lermontov knew better what suicide game may have been played in the army, so we can see that novel as an instance. Instead they bet if a pistol is loaded or not. Real russian roulette requieres a revolver; which were mere prototypes when Lermontov wrote the book in We were still in the dark as to what he meant to do.

But, when he cocked the pistol and sprinkled powder in the pan, several of the officers, crying out in spite of themselves, seized him by the arms. Was this the only reason? How often was money involved? Was it as popular among the common soldiers as it was among the officers? How about outside the military? Real russian roulette is quite hard to real russian roulette motivation without the entire context of XIX century in Russia. Since it was the golden age of Russian literature you can really get the "feel" of the age from the books of that time, and the Roulette fits that context very well.

The best real russian roulette to explain motivation I real russian roulette do is with the russian term real russian roulette hussar-ism, behaving like a und dominos online slot machine hack Gratitude which meant brave, reckless, bold and stupid behaviour, putting yourself and others in risk just for show off.

Skobelev himself the general I mentioned in my first comment was known and loved for that kind of behaviour - his biography mentions that he used to sit on the white horse in front of the enemy lines, drinking champagne and ignoring the danger. In addition, the concept of "nihilism" was quite popular among educated noble youth as an opposition to the general orthodox religious public - life is meaningless, religion and morals are false etc.

So imagine yourself being a young, moody and brooding Russian noble with great western education, speaking several languages, familiar with European values and literature, English democracy, French revolution etc sitting in a middle of vast, mostly uneducated, illiterate agrarian country, fighting in constant wars, wishing to see some changes in Russian society for example, serfdom, Russian almost-slavery for peasants, was abolished only inmore than 30 years real russian roulette Lermontov!

So yeah, see more real russian roulette that and being nihilistic in general it would make a lot of real russian roulette to show off, display your indifference towards death, play with danger, be "cool".

Also, young noble girls would probably be all over such a hussar. Common soldiers were drafted among peasants for 25 years service term. The gap between soldiers peasants and officers nobility was extremely big. Real russian roulette nobility and military were closely intertwined, almost all noble families had children in service.

Anyway, the Roulette was an extreme sport, mostly for young and stupid officers. Your explanation article source very good, but I would object about nihilism in Russia: A search of the New York Times turned up dozens of references prior to the s 65 between in factmost of which are death notices involving young men to have been killed in the U.

Interestingly, the first of these explains the term by noting it was "said to have been practiced in the army of the Czar" while the second speculates that it "originated in the movies. After the two in real russian roulette s, they stopped putting it in quotes which implies that readers should know what it referred to These are the earliest results from the Washington Postthe first of which specifically says the victim "learned of real russian roulette game from a movie" according to police:.

The Los Angeles Times turns up 98 hits prior tothe first being from and it offers a specific origin story for the game: The following three stories are similar to those in the other papers:.

Interestingly, the Real russian roulette of London only turns up nine hits prior toand the first of these is a metaphorical use in a speech by Harry Truman who does not define it.

The second, an actual shooting, explains the term in detail but does not address its origins. This is fromsuggesting that readers of the Times might not have been assumed to know the term, while the U. None of these give us a reliable origin story, but the pattern does suggest that the practice was known among young men in the U. The fact that there are no citations at all prior to suggests it was not widely known before then, even if the practice dates back further elsewhere.

In the film American prisoners of war are forced to play the game while their North Vietnamese captors bet on the outcomes. I believe Cimino made it clear in later interviews I will try to find a source that the free bonus without deposit were to be taken metaphorically; indicative of the impossible state these prisoners found themselves in.

And there were no true reports of prisoners of war being forced to play Russian Roulette. Real russian roulette this did not stop many people typically kids from playing the game themselves. This report from the Christian Science Monitor in reports that 15 people had died from playing the game, apparently inspired by TV showings of the Deer Hunter real russian roulette year. Interestingly, this story from the Korean War does claim just that: In other words, consistently one of the finest newspapers in America of the last hundred years.

It was in no way meant as a loaded question - not being American, I was simply unaware about that newspaper. I was under the impression that the Christian Science Monitor was started by the church, and because of a promise to the founder, forced to keep their name. My quick perusal of that font of accuracy that is wikipedia shows that it was founded by Mary Baker Eddy founder of the church inand apparently was specifically devised not to be religious in nature other than a religious-themed editorial in each issue.

I had the same question. Remarkably the newspaper itself appears to be completely unaffected by the religious founders and owners. It appears they actually managed to create a space for legitimate news as a public service.

This page has their official stance: Everything with a grain of salt, of course, and every rule has exceptions, but real russian roulette has a very strong reputation amongst both religious and non-religious readers. Frank Andersson - A Swedish Olympic wrestler have played Russian roulette, I have translated what he real russian roulette about it in an interview by Expressen, a Swedish newspaper:.

It was a late night in I was the only one who tried it and I won 50 SEK since there were nobody else that dared…It happened, of course, at a boozeroo [party with loads real russian roulette alcohol. You just pull the trigger.

And everything went fine so there was nothing more to it. Says Andersson and continues. But I would never redo it. Link to the interview, in Swedish. Malcolm X claimed to source played a game of Russian Roulette in his lifetime in his autobiographybut the reporter who helped him write it later claimed he real russian roulette palmed the round, ensuring his safety.

Great book, I would recommend real russian roulette to anyone looking for an up-close take on a very interesting man. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any affiliation with the Black Panther Party. Thanks for posting this. I wonder if this is the true test of Russian roulette--not luck, but slight of hand. In the book he has gathered testimonials of gangs at the time with a lot of information about their perspective of what they experienced mostly as a result of the building of the Cross-Bronx Expressway.

Since there was a question about testimonials from survivors:


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